A Year In Review (Music Videos)

Alright, let’s start early for new years resolutions - I want to utilize this blog more, so what better way to than to showcase some of the music videos throughout this busy year that I had the pleasure to work on!

What Haunts You - A False Reality

S!ege - Tuesday Blues

White Knife Study - Ghosts

White Knife Study - Brooke

Wild Ire - Bubble Tea

Wild Ire - Pho Kit

TONEDEAF - Industry

CROOKED - Sleepwalker

Of Fact and Fiction - Reverse Polatrity

Separating The Seas - Every Moment I Breathe

Penelope Clearwater - Murphy’s Bombing Run

Vow of Volition - Apex Predator

Within Sight - Hopeless

The Adio Sequence - Then & Now

When The Broken Burn - Dementor

Cody Held - Otherwise