A Year In Review (Music Videos)

Alright, let’s start early for new years resolutions - I want to utilize this blog more, so what better way to than to showcase some of the music videos throughout this busy year that I had the pleasure to work on!

What Haunts You - A False Reality

S!ege - Tuesday Blues

White Knife Study - Ghosts

White Knife Study - Brooke

Wild Ire - Bubble Tea

Wild Ire - Pho Kit

TONEDEAF - Industry

CROOKED - Sleepwalker

Of Fact and Fiction - Reverse Polatrity

Separating The Seas - Every Moment I Breathe

Penelope Clearwater - Murphy’s Bombing Run

Vow of Volition - Apex Predator

Within Sight - Hopeless

The Adio Sequence - Then & Now

When The Broken Burn - Dementor

Cody Held - Otherwise

Ligature Marks At New Noise

I’ve got the last set of photos I took from the New Noise Ball, put on by the great, Nikki Evans at Steel Bridge United.

Ligature Marks is a hard hitting, catchy Metal/Metalcore band with the man himself, Karl Whinnery of HotKarlProductions! As a videographer, it’s great to see other individuals such as Karl killing the game. He even does the visuals for all of the band’s music videos! You can check out their most current music video HERE .With so many awesome bands in the Northwest, you’re bound to have seen some of Karl’s work in the community such working with bands like Separating The Seas or Vintersea and even renting out the Clinton Street Theater for bands to premier music videos.

There’s a lot of things that I’ve been working on that I’m excited to show everyone! There’s even a lot of things I haven’t displayed yet, so make sure to keep following the blog to see what’s happening in the Sleeper world.


P.s. I just figured out how to upload multiple photos at once, saving myself some time. More photo sets to come!

Let's get up close and...

One of the coolest Portland bands played the New Noise Ball last Friday night alongside Vestigial Crow, which was part the first blog post.

It’s never a let down seeing these four guys shred. If you like Fall of Troy or other “Swancore” type bands, these guys are for you. BUT…with the theremin! Their drummer, Dan was actually in the first performing lineup of one of my old bands, Fighting Casper! He even came over to my place the day before to help me understand drum tuning better since the new Myna Bird drum kit we got has all new heads. and I only somewhat know what I’m doing.

After the night, there was a cover set in where Forrest, the bassist of Personal was a part of. He sang through “The Taste of Ink” and after, I was fortunate enough to play guitar beside him with both of singing “Cute Without The ‘e’” as well as Jay Beckstead (Drummer of Vestigial Crow) and Jeff Lane (Bassist for CROOKED).

They also just dropped a new music video for their song “Validation Sickness”, which you can find here.

Don’t forget to follow these guys on Facebook and Instagram (@PersonalPDX) to keep updated with what they’re doing.


The First Of Many//Vestigial Crow's First Show

For a while, I’ve been contemplating a Sleeper Studios blog and have put it off for far too long. Thankfully, David Stump (Vestigial Crow - Vocals), gave me the extra moral support I needed to get started.

Often, I’m bummed about only posting one or two photos on Instagram from a shoo, then never looking through the pictures again. So, the goal is to showcase photo sets instead of only seeing a fraction of photos taken. Although Music oriented, the Sleeper blog won’t exclusively be dedicated music either! Since Sleeper Studios is an independent contractor, you’ll get to see much more variety on here than you will on any other social media platform. That means all sorts of Portraits, Weddings/Couples, Live Events, Myna Bird Studio Updates (Sleeper Studio’s Brother), Products, Commercial Work and even Photos from my random adventures.

Since David helped give me a push, the first photos you’ll see are of his band, Vestigial Crow. It was their first show too! Most of the music is written by founding member and guitarist, Irvin Smith. Jay Beckstead joins along on drums, and David Stump writes and performs vocals. Much of the lyrical content comes from the darkest points of David’s life. I’m super glad to see how far he’s gotten and is using the ugly in his life to create something beautiful. It’s great to finally see these guys perform.

Here’s some of my favorite photos from their set!

Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 1
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 2
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 4
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 5
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 6
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX)

Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX)

Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 8
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 9
Vestigial Crow (New Noise Ball @ Paris Theater - PDX) 10